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H E L L O !

I’m Jade! The maker behind ‘Signs by Jade’, based in Surrey. 

I have always had a passion for being creative which was reflected in my chosen A-levels, however I couldn’t decide where to take my art and how to apply it to a career. So I followed my other passion in life and became a flight attendant, allowing me to travel the world. 

During this time I missed being creative and started up-cycling pallets to make signs in my spare time, which also became a great gift for friends! 

7 years later, I’m now a crew training instructor who is trying to make a hobby into something more.

I now work with a range of materials such as, acrylic, chalkboard, glass, ceramic and wood. I really enjoy working with different people, collaborating ideas and making them a reality. So whether it be a christmas bauble, window illustration or a personalised sign, get in touch and lets create!

Thank you for checking out my website and supporting my little business!

Jade x

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